Here's what clients have been saying about Integrity Medical Evaluations.

Thank you.  
I am so pleased with working with Integrity Medical.  This was our first time and I’m very impressed with the speed and professionalism.

HR Director

I just want to extend my continuous appreciation for all of your hard work.  You have quickly figured out that I do not like making my workers drive to Portland if I can avoid it and you are always so helpful in finding the perfect fit for the needs of the claim.
I am truly grateful for all that you do. I know that when I call or email that you will be quick to respond… kudos for being amazing!

Claims Adjuster

I spoke with his attorney and {{the worker}}  was able to get someone to cover for him and has every intention of attending the IME on Friday.
Thank you so much for the heads up on this.  It likely wouldn’t have happened without your notice.  I don’t know who your higher ups are but I would say to pass this on to them and let them know about it.  This is over and above.
Thanks again,

Claims Adjuster

I want to take a moment and pass on a "job well done" for Lori.

She read an IME on one of my claims and noticed a couple of things that had her check with the doctor to confirm his medical opinion. Lori also asked me a couple of questions too, before finalizing the report.
I really appreciate Lori's instincts and going the extra mile. It'd be easy to say, "well this is what the doctor wrote, here you go adjuster" but clearly Lori takes her job seriously. In past experiences I have found Lori to be the consummate professional with excellent results, and this is another example of the great work she does.

Claims Adjuster

I know normally you only get negative feedback, but I wanted to give some positive feedback.  Integrity is AMAZING! They blow every other IME provider out of the water. I never have to worry about getting timely reports with them.  I just got an IME in that was done yesterday, and I didn't have to bug them at all.  I normally set myself a task for a week out to look for the report, with integrity 90% of the time I will already have the report.  Their customer service is amazing, they are so nice about everything. When I call to clarify a question they are on it, half the time they have already asked the dr about that questions, but are always willing to ask again.
Just thought you would like to hear some positive feedback.  Thanks!!

Claims Adjuster

Hi Mary,
"...I meant every word I said to Heidi and {{am}} so disappointed {{a company}} choose not to contract with Integrity and only  with national vender companies.  It is definitely {{a}} loss!!
I will continue to pursue inquiries … to request that they consider contracting with Integrity...
… I will keep spreading the word."
Thank you, 

Claims Specialist II

First a kudos for Integrity, the IME was at 11 a.m. on 10/18, and they had the Dr. Vessely IME report to me in less than 3 hours. I was able to authorize surgery that afternoon as Dr.Vessely noted twice that the lumbar surgery requested by Dr. Lewis needed to be done "urgently." I then accepted the claim 10/19 and faxed pertinent documents to OHS. Thanks to Integrity's and my quick work, the worker and Dr. Lewis were able to reschedule the surgery from 11/4 to 10/21. This is amazing given that the IME itself was on 10/18, and, given the IME findings by Dr. Vessely, the two-week acceleration in the surgery schedule may make a big difference for the worker.

J.A. on behalf of M.P
Claims Adjuster and Supervisor

RE: Kudos
Yesterday at 4pm {{we}} had a last minute cancelled ime at due to {{a doctor’s}} family emergency.  {{Injured worker}} was flying in at 6:30pm from Arkansas for ime today and we had no doctor. I called Integrity and I told Tiffany our situation and she offered to call 3 different doctors (who were not on the schedule) w/ the specialty we needed to see if they would come in to do this exam.  She and Heidi were scrambling and were set to find us someone. One of the doctors responded, Dr. Radecki, and said he would do this exam on his way back from exams at the coast and to have worker come to his office at 3:30 today! And in the meantime, Angie was sitting in our lobby waiting for the rush print of medical records. Tiffany also called this morning to make sure we had the correct address for Dr. Radecki's office for films being couriered. Through many calls back and forth between all of us we got a excellent dr for todays exam only because of their excellent customer service.
All of them were genuinely excited and dedicated to make this happen.
Thank you.

M.A. and D.T.
Claims Adjuster and Claims Assistant